Manuela de juan - Loafer in gold perforated leather
Manuela de juan loafers Loafer in gold perforated leather
Manuela de juan loafers Loafer in gold perforated leather
Manuela de juan loafers Loafer in gold perforated leather
Manuela de juan loafers Loafer in gold perforated leather
Anna Pops Creation - Last item

Loafer in gold perforated leather


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These metallic golden loafers are trendy! The golden perforated leather gives the shoes just that little bit extra. Wear these cute loafers with a simple outfit and let them stand out! Uniquely composed by Anna Pops. Rubber sole on the outside, leather sole on the inside, 2 elastic bands on both sides.
Also for the moms, up to size 41.

Tip in terms of maintenance:
Metallic leather is special leather, because a special coating has been applied over the normal top layer. This gives the leather its shiny effect. This layer will not wear quickly, but is sensitive to scratches. The Collonil Metallic spray is the perfect maintenance product for these shoes. The spray provides solvent-free protection for all metallic materials and combinations with it. If you regularly inject your shoes with this spray, your shoes will retain their shine.

Color: gold
tail fits small
The brand Manuela Juan was created in 1970 by Manuela de Juan Ponce, recognized business woman in the shoe industry who has been and is undoubtedly the soul of this brand. In 2001, the brand was taken over by the company Tritex Corporation directed by his son Antonio Lopez-Roca Juan that with the help and experience of his mother Manuela de Juan was able to renew with new creations different brand lines. Founded in 2001, tritex corporation s.l. is located in the Alicante region, in Villena, the heart of the children's shoe industry. It is a leading company in the creation of high-end children shoes. With great care, the raw materials are selected, the latest trends are explored and the style characteristics of each model are improved, with the aim of fulfilling our protocols for comfort and care of children's feet. As a guarantee of the best craftsmanship, our shoes, always exclusive, undergo the most severe quality controls to be incorporated in the most innovative industrial systems. The two collections, Manuela de Juan and MAÁ, on one side reflect the most refined elegance, and on the other the most contemporary models. Celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie or Monica Bellucci are already committed clients of our brands. The director, Antonio López-Roca de Juan today represents the motor, the propeller at the vanguard of the children's shoe industry. Born in Valencia, after completing his studies in Paris and Barcelona, he commences his journey in the world of fashion by creating small ground-breaking collections for babies. Thanks to his originality and ?savoir faire? he quickly carves out a niche amongst the great historic brands in this sector. Nowadays, thanks to exclusive creations, his two brands Manuela de Juan y MAÁ, shine in the window displays of the most exclusive national and international boutiques, from Europe to the United States, passing through Russia, Arab countries and up to the Far East.  ›››

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