Dutch magazine for peace, simplicity and nature

LIEFKE originated from the need to quench. Standing still, really taking the time and leaving space empty. LIEFKE does not meet a standard magazine image, but chooses for the unique other, the beauty in the ordinary everyday. We choose not to fill everything, but to make room on the pages and in our heads. LIEFKE stays close to home and does not cross borders. We focus on the stories and work of our fellow citizens. We show what it means to live in our country. To be in the Dutch nature. We share open and honest stories with self-made pure images. We want to offer a calm counterweight to this fast and busy time. We invite you to feel more and help slow down. We stimulate you to live from your nature. We want to be slow motion. Are you slowing down with us?

Shop: Eugeen Bosteelsstraat 10, Aalst - - +32(0)53 41 57 39 - open from Wed to Sat, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.